For each diagnosis, there is a specific medication or combination of medications that we use to help heal the body. However, not every illness is easily treatable, and many conditions become chronic.  Spinal disc disease, chronic arthritis, kidney impairment, asthma, and allergies are just a few of these conditions that we see regularly at the animal hospital.  But, medicine is always evolving, and as technology advances, medicine is also becoming more innovative.  Imagine this: using the body’s own fat cells to produce millions of immature cells that can be reprogrammed to become any cell in the body.  Well, it is possible.  And we can do it right here.

We have created our in-hospital stem cell laboratory to produce these cells from body fat.  MediVet Biologics produces the kits that we use to develop these stem cells.  MediVet is also capable of storing these cells for future use by freezing them in liquid nitrogen at their facility.  We are proud to offer this service to our patients.  Nothing repairs the body better than the body’s own cells!!

A case in point:

Jack is an 8-year-old Dachshund that suffered from severe back pain and loss of hind leg function due to chronic spinal disc disease.  He had been to three other animal hospitals, where he was given traditional anti-pain and anti-inflammatory medications for over two years.  Unfortunately, nothing was helping and Jack was rapidly losing awareness of where his hind legs were.  He would fall down easily and often crossed his hind legs in a locked position.  He was in chronic pain and could hardly walk.

Stem cell therapy seemed like his only option for survival.  After a brief surgery, where a small amount of his body fat was recovered, we processed these cells and reprogrammed them in our stem cell lab to hundreds of millions of new cells that would become new healing cells to fight his spinal arthritis.  These cells were then injected into a vein in his front leg to be sent out to the injured parts of his body.

Within three weeks, Jack was walking almost totally normally, but most importantly was off the pain meds that he relied on for over two years.  What an incredible example of what the power of stem cell regeneration can do.  This technology is truly amazing to watch in practice.  Jack’s family also decided to “bank” some stem cells at the MediVet facility, so he can use them in the future as well.

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