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Our mission is to ensure every pet we meet is happy and healthy.


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When you bring your pet to The Moriches Hospital for Animals, you can rest assured they are in good hands. One of the reasons we are the best veterinary hospital on Long Island is thanks to our exceptional staff. Read our biographies below to learn more about the people whose mission to provide the best care for your pet.



Receptionist / Office Manager

Christi joined our animal clinic in 2011. Before joining us she worked at an animal shelter for two years and grew up with horses. Animals have always been her passion and she knew from a young age she wanted to do something she could to help them. Christi loves being able to help animals that are sick or hurt. She loves to see the positive impact on the owners when they get their happy, healthy pet back after hospitalization.

Christi recently lost her best friend of 8 years, Roxanne. She was a spunky, fun cuddlebug who loved to give out kisses. After Roxanne’s passing, Christi found a new friend in Daisy.  Not only does Daisy resemble Roxanne, her cow-spotted pitbull, physically, but with her energy and loving personality Christi knows that she has found a dog that embodies the spirit everyone loved so much about Roxanne. Although hesitant at first, Daisy is loving her new home life.




Dee has been working with Dr. Lynch since 1989. She is very knowledgeable and has trained all our receptionists. She has a lot of her own pets: 3 dogs, Mya, Minnie, and Gibbs, a bird and 4 snakes! Mya is an 8 year old Standard Poodle. She is super smart and a great watch dog. Minnie is a 7 year old Miniature Poodle and is Dee’s very own special love. Gibbs is the youngest dog. He is a Maltese and only a year and a half old. Gibbs is very loving and goofy. Shelden is Dee’s 4 year old Cockatiel, that loves to play with her family. Dee also has two Corn Snakes and two Garter Snakes.




Mary joined The Moriches Hospital for Animals in 2009. She loves to see pets reunited with their families. Mary loves to see our patients leave happy and healthy.

Mary has three dogs, Romeo, Georgia, and Luna. Romeo is a mushy, super affectionate, huge bull of a 6 year old pit-bull terrier. Romeo loves people, belly rubs and cuddling. Then there’s Georgia, a 12 year old Jack Russell Terrier. She is very independent and a little bit bossy. Luna is the newest member of Mary’s family, and is living up to her name.



Colleen has been a receptionist with the animal hospital since 2007. She has previously worked for us before her family moved down south for a number of years. Colleen had her own nursery business and still tends to the flowers at the hospital.



Jackie joined us as a part-time receptionist after spending the last ten years in the legal field as a court reporter.  Joining the team at the Moriches Hospital for Animals allows Jackie to work closer to home, as well as spend more time with her favorite creatures – dogs.

Originally from Freeport, Jackie now lives in Moriches with her husband, and two dogs, and five chickens.  Huckleberry and Blueberry, their two dogs, are young boys who love to run around and have fun. Blueberry is their newest addition and Huckleberry is showing him the ropes. Huckleberry loves to go paddleboarding with his mom and dad, and Jackie can’t wait to see how Blueberry does his first time this summer!



Licensed Veterinary Technician

Heather graduated Westhampton Beach High School and then attended the State University of New York at Delhi where she obtained her A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology in 2008. We were lucky to have her join us in March of 2009. Heather worked for us until October of 2011 when she decided to relocate to Colorado. She did eventually return to New York and then in 2013 to work for us part-time. After a few years, Heather decided to return to the Moriches Hospital for Animals on a full-time basis. Yeah for us! Heather is the rock upon which our veterinarians rely. She is also heading the technician activities for our Veterinary Stem Cell Therapy practice.

Heather is owned by her two dogs and three cats. Moose is an exquisitely athletic, tall Rottweiler with a goofy personality. Gruff is a fun-loving juvenile Vizsla. Zephyr is a grey tabby cat who lives for the adventure outdoors. Waffles is a beautiful cream and orange sherbet Siamese flame point male cat. He is very friendly and loving. Mango is the youngster of the family, but is fitting in very nicely.  He is an orange tabby and complements the Waffles quite well.

Ollie Doodle, her male cat, has since passed on but will always remain in our memories as the sweet at who always responded to “Kitty Kitty Meow Meow.”



Veterinary Assistant

Michael has worked at The Moriches Hospital for Animals since 2008. Michael is a very gentle and warm person whom all our clients love. His favorite part about his job is seeing a client’s beloved pet get better, especially when “the odds” are against them. Pets have taught him many things over the years. One of the most important lessons to Michael is that dogs and cats don’t feel sorry for themselves. They are always happy and willing to love you.

Michael has three pets of his own, Jack, a 12 year old Jack Russell terrier who rules the roost; Carl, a 5 year old tuxedo cat,  Scully, a 4 year old tortoise shell female cat and Charlie a 4 year old Peek-a-poo. Jack and Charlie are always up for playtime. They love going to the beach, going for walks or riding in the car. Their favorite toys are balls and bones. Carl loves to nap and is the dedicated lap cat. Scully loves to watch the world outside through the window. She loves to be petted, but only if it is on her terms. She is the perfect queen!



Veterinary Assistant

Vinny began working with Dr. Lynch in 2001, and already had about 14 years experience at that time. He has been a veterinary assistant since he was 18 years old. Vinny’s favorite part of his job is assisting Dr. Lynch while he performs surgeries. Vinny enjoys seeing the results of those surgeries, especially when the pet is able to walk better. Dogs and cats can recover so fast.

Vinny’s best friend is Red, a 6 year old Shepherd Mix with the cutest personality. When Vinny is not working at the hospital, he enjoys all sorts of construction work, from roofing to tiling. While he is working, Vinny helps to maintain the hospital and even did a lot of the renovation work. Vinny’s favorite time is the time spent with his children, a new baby boy, a stepson and a daughter.



Kennel Assistant / Pet Whisperer / Receptionist

Kathy joined us in 2009 and immediately took charge of the kennels and caring for our patients and boarders. She has been working with animals since she was old enough to have a job at 14 years of age. Kathy is a dog whisperer; she has a knack for becoming best friends with dogs with a “reserved” nature. She loves to earn the love of her doggie boarders and patients and to get lots of smooches! Kathy sometimes helps the receptionists and loves meeting all the owners of her patients, but she loves most being with our patients and boarders in the kennel.

The most rewarding part of Kath’s job is providing the nursing care that our patients need, and seeing them happily reunited with their owners. Kathy is vigilant in watching our patients and boards and quick to bring any needs to the attention of our doctors. Her experience and vigilance ensures that our patients recover as soon as possible. Kathy loves to “Save the world one paw at a time!”

Kathy adopted Hashmir, a Maine Coon cat. He is a big, fluffy, 17 lb. ball of fur. Hashmir is reclusive and can be spiteful, but he is the best kitty ever. He causes no trouble, unlike his adopted brother Kryll.

Kryll is Domestic Short Hair street cat, that she rescued from a box left on the street. He is a mischievous little trouble maker, but is sweet and loves to cuddle.


Kennel Assistant

James is a high school student, who started with us in 2018.  He mostly works Saturdays, but does fill in when he is not attending school or playing for his high school tennis team.

James has always had a love for animals.  He grew up with a horse named Simon, two dogs Jake and Daisy, and a cat named Kitty. James aspires to be a veterinarian and is looking forward to starting college next year.


Kennel Assistant

Growing up with dogs, Tim learned from an early age that dogs can bring us not only complete joy, but can calm us in ways that people sometimes cannot. After the recent passing of Tim’s beloved dog, Tipsy, he realized how much he loved taking care of animals.  This realization led him to become a dog foster parent for an amazing pitbull named Alger.  Being a dog foster parent further solidified Tim’s passion for taking care of animals. Since then, Tim has created and expanded his own house and dog-sitting business.  He has learned the importance of speaking the language of dogs and observing each as an individual with his or her own personality, which translates into a deeper understanding of the individual.  He makes it a point to make each interaction with the animals he sits for special: taking them for hikes, walks at the park, or incorporating discipline training.

Tim feels that caring for each other and other creatures should be a top priority in life.  We are very lucky his friendship with Michael brought him to the Moriches Hospital for Animals to share his positive, balanced energy and individualized approach to care.


Kennel Assistant

Hilary joined our clinic in January of 2020 after years of working as an office manager for her family’s medical supply company. Hilary looks forward to each encounter she will experience with every patient.  From an early age, Hilary cultivated empathy and compassion for animals though her experiences with dogs, cats, and horses. She grew up with dogs and was a competitive rider when she was in school.

Now, Hilary lives with her husband, and three Teacup Yorkies: Cori, Blu, and Murf.  Her Yorkies may be tiny in stature, but they have lots of personality. She also has a horse named Carmen, who she now enjoys riding for fun. When not at the animal hospital or riding at the barn, Hilary enjoys being outdoors, whether hiking or kayaking. 


Kennel Assistant

Victoria, known around the office as Tori, joined our team in July 2019. Tori always knew she wanted to work with animals and previously worked as a dog bather in a pet shop. She was with them for 3 years before deciding she wanted to do something more to help animals. In her spare time she likes to relax with friends and family or just curl up with a good book or video game.

Tori has a dog named Ella, a Malti-poo, who although is a senior girl still has lots of spunky energy. Ella is the family dog and her and Tori have done most of their growing up together. She loves the whole family but shares a special bond with Grandma, who likes to sneak her treats!



Kennel Assistant

Kim joined our clinic in 2016. Kim graduated with Bachelors in Business Management and an associates in Photography Imaging. Having a love for animals led Kim to working with sick and injured birds and wildlife. Having worked with injured animals led Kim to realize her true passion is to work at an animal hospital. On Kim’s spare time she volunteers at Long Island aquarium, spending time with her cats and walks with her dog Coco. Kim has 5 cats : Maya, Skyy, Stormy, Smokey and Gidget and she also has one dog – Coco.



CFO and Paperwork Pusher

Leslie Lynch is the boss’s wife, but the staff likes to tease that she is the “real boss.” She is an attorney and so has been the head of the Paperwork Department since she married Dr. Lynch. You might not see her at the hospital. Since she is married to the boss, she works behind the scenes and doesn’t keep regular hours. She is however the expert reader, researcher, and writer for the practice and available to the boss 24/7. She loves her job; she loves filling out forms, organizing information, things and people. The most rewarding part of her job is a happy boss who is free to do what he likes to do… taking care of pets and their people.

Leslie is top dog to Logan, her and Dr. Lynch’s Irish Terrier, and queen to her two male cats Tibby and Gregory. Tibby is a perfectly symmetrical tuxedo cat with white gloves, spats, and shirt. He was rescued when he was “one pound” old. Gregory is a beautiful silvery grey love bug of a cat… so loving that he is sometimes a pest. Gregory was adopted when he was a year and one half pound old (and unaltered!) to rescue Lynchs from Tibby. Tibby’s real name is Tiberius, the idea being that giving him a cute nickname might help calm his fierceness. Gregory is also called Yuri by Lynchs’ son Connor and his friends, since they fondly think of him as a Russian Blue. His full name is Yuri Gregory LynchO’Vich.