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Spring Has (Almost) Sprung!

This time of the year on Long Island brings with it seasonal risks to our pets. You might ask, "why is this is so in springtime?" There are several factors that contribute to this increased risk.   Firstly, dogs have been inside homes for most of the winter. We tend to open the doors [...]

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An Alternative Heartworm Preventative

Are you tired of struggling to remember your dog’s monthly heartworm preventative? Is your dog reluctant to take its monthly heartworm preventative? The Moriches Hospital for Animals is proud to be offering a simple solution. A convenient six-month heartworm prevention injectable medication! ProHeart 6 has been on the market for several years and has [...]

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The Stem Cell Revolution

For each diagnosis, there is a specific medication or combination of medications that we use to help heal the body. However, not every illness is easily treatable, and many conditions become chronic.  Spinal disc disease, chronic arthritis, kidney impairment, asthma, and allergies are just a few of these conditions that we see regularly at [...]

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Pet Microchipping: A Lost Pet’s Best Chance

How do you find your cat or dog when they get out of your house or yard? It happens. Since The Moriches Hospital for Animals is located in a high traffic area on Main Street in Center Moriches, over the years, we have hosted many dogs who were rescued by Good Samaritans. Sometimes the [...]

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