We offer true hypoallergenic medicated bath services for your pet. Most over the counter holistic “medicated shampoos” still contain ingredients that can upset an allergic dog or cat. Even human baby shampoo does not have the necessary PH balance for your pets’ skin. Our veterinary grade medicated shampoos are specifically PH formulated to be far more effective than even the best oatmeal and med shampoos on the market. Our team takes great care to make sure your pet has a stress-free time when getting a bath. Regular bathing either in our facility or at home is a cornerstone to maintaining healthy skin and coat for your pet.

In addition to our regular bath services, we also offer professional grooming services by Don Keane. Don has over 30 years experience as groomer on Long Island. Dr.Lynch believes that “Most groomers do a good job, but we wanted someone who could not only groom well, but also have a compassionate nature towards pets.” A huge benefit of having Don groom at our animal hospital is his ability to immediately spot skin issues that may need to be treated by a doctor. Our team has extensive training in helping you understand how to maintain healthy skin for your pet. Our doctors are available to help you answer any questions about proper skin care for your pet.