Did your pet eat a sock, a rock or even a rabbit!? These objects and (even the rabbit) can get stuck in your pets stomach and be hard to pass or cause fatal damage! Dr.Lynch’s 25 year history of video endoscopy has saved a lot of animals from going into surgery to remove many different kinds of objects (including the ones mentioned above)! These types of surgeries can be costly, especially at an Emergency clinic! Our endoscopy services can not only save you money, but also weeks of recovery time for your pet. No one ever means for accidents to happen, that’s why we arm ourselves with the latest hi- def digital video technology to remove unwanted objects that can be life threatening to your pet. We are one of the very few veterinary hospitals on Long Island that uses video endoscopy with an advanced retrieval system in private practice. We offer this service to better provide peace of mind and quality of care to our clients and patients. Services include HD Video
Endoscopy, Biopsy, Object Retrieval.