Acti-Stem Therapy

Acti-Stem Therapy technology has been around for a few decades. Over the past decade, this amazing regenerative technology has been made available to our beloved furry friends. As always, Dr.Lynch carefully scrutinizes any new veterinary technology that comes to the market for safety and efficacy. Stem Cell Therapy had reached a point where Dr. Lynch thought the technology was medically beneficial and useful for our pets. This area of medicine is sometimes referred to as regenerative medicine. Why do we like stem cell therapy? One big reason is that stem cells’ take the bodies’ own cells’ and activates them to target problem areas within your pet. This is drastically different than solely using drugs and/or surgery for treatment. Our growing expertise in this field has led us to see some amazing recoveries from our clients! Once again, we are one of only a few animal hospitals who use this form of treatment in private practice in NY.

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Services include Acti-Stem Therapy, PRP, Stem Cell Banking

99% Show Improvement

In a recent study overseen by four independent veterinarians, 155 canines suffering from moderate to severe osteoarthritis were treated with Ardent Animal Health’s Acti-Stem Therapy. Three months following initial treatment, 99% of the canines showed improvements in at least one of the three categories analyzed: lameness, range of motion and pain (see graphs below). This is just one of the many research studies demonstrating the effectiveness of stem cell therapy for the treatment of a wide range of ailments your pet may be experiencing.


Is your Pet a Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?